We are pleased to announce the completion of the company’s rename and rebrand project accompanied with the launch of a new website. Taking steps to move the company forward and position itself as a leader in the specialized machining industry, leadership recognized the need for a new start as the next evolution of the company. In doing so, they chose a name that would stand for more than the specific industry in which they operate. Formerly Precision Industries and Precision Machining, Hadley Precision and its new brand image reflects the principles of quality, attention to detail, precision, and superior workmanship.

The company’s leadership, Johnny and Pam Hadley, partnered with Brew Agency, a full-service branding and advertising agency based in Baton Rouge, LA dedicated to providing service to its customers with a collaborative, personalized approach. Brew and Hadley positioned the brand and its website to focus on their specialized areas of expertise. The newly developed website delivers a modern experience and provides information on the specific industries Hadley services as well as the unique aspects which set them apart from other companies.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the machining industry, Johnny Hadley purchased the business in 2018 and built upon the over 60 years of expertise among its team members to strengthen the business. Hadley Precision takes pride in its workmanship and customer service and is proud to partner with their customers to supply specialized machine parts and deliver specialized engineering, machining and fabrications services. Its motto and new dedication to its customers is to deliver experienced quality craftsmanship. We hope you can see this through our new brand, and we invite you to visit our new site.

Date Published : July 24, 2020