Hadley Precision prides itself on delivering the highest level of customer service and quality products designed to meet our customers’ precise specifications. Although our team has a wide variety of experience and expertise, one area where we truly excel is welding.

Our professional welding shop is staffed with advanced and skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to designing quality products and going above and beyond to adhere to strict or custom welding fabrication requirements, without sacrificing quality to do so.

Our Robotic Welder

The key feature of our weld shop that sets us apart from our competition is Hadley’s robotic welder. Working closely with our customers, we can fine-tune our processes to customize any order to fit their needs no matter what the specifications may be. 

Experienced Welders

Within the weld shop, our team of experts has 110 years of combined experience to develop and design quality products based upon any process. We can complete automatic processes as well as semi-automatic processes such as GTAW and GMAW. As an ASME approved machining shop, we can meet the needs of clients across many industries, but specifically gasification, petrochemical, power, refining, and upstream oil and gas. 

Focusing on mechanized and manual GTAW, narrow groove, pulsed AC and manual gouging, Hadley Precision’s weld shop can help bring your parts to life no matter what the industry.

Interested in learning more about our weld shop? Give us a call at (225) 924-5353 or contact us here for more information.


Date Published : September 23, 2020